Danielle (Owner /Creator)  + Family

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Founded on the love of relaxation and all things natural - Mojo Hydrotherapy began in 2016 as a Niagara College entrepreneur class final project. The idea of using natural botanicals, extracts and minerals to aid in mental and physical healing seemed illogical at the time. But it steamed from childhood when I saw my mother who suffers with Schizophrenia, find comfort in bubble baths. At the time, I did not see the connection - but as I became more aware of the illness and that stress is a common factor in episodes, it made sense that this form of self care recharged her energy and calmed her senses. With further research, a few more community pitch competitions & government grants - the idea flourished to bath tubs across Canada. The beauty of nature infused in every bath! Made from the purest ingredients, thoughtfully designed and handcrafted with love. Our ingredients are grown, crafted and processed right here in Canada whenever possible. At a time when stress is so high and our mental health is more important and understood then ever before, there is no better time to take control of what heals you - whether that be medication, meditation, a healthy lifestyle, baths or a mixture of the above.


Today, our little handmade concept has blossomed to different products & more exclusive, high quality ingredients then ever before. Our goal is to be transparent in our process of small batch, handmade and clean products. We want what we love to be a staple in your skin care and self care regiment. Each item is made with so much love and uniqueness - just like you! We do our best to be as eco friendly as possible, natural and frequently give back to the community with charity donation days. 

We hope you see the value in having time for yourself with luxurious and affordable products with only the best intensions in mind. We love to meet you at shows, interact with our friends via social media and say thank you to everyone who has supported this dream of a cleaner & kinder world - one bath at a time. 

xo, Danielle