As a lot of you know, this business was founded with the intention to assist people with mental illnesses who require support. As you may also know, I'm not a doctor.. But, I am a person with a story. If I say my story loud enough, it might get enough ears perked to make a difference. But, If we all share our stories, there has to be action. In the past we have giving the little bits we can to donate to services who support those suffering with mental illnesses, but that's not enough - They need serious investments and attention from people in power.

We are fighting to get our voices and stories told to anyone who can help. Our loved ones aren't getting proper help, diagnosis, medication, safety and long term solutions. If you have a story you would like to share about your mental health or someone you love (and how it has played a part in your life) We are looking to put as many as we can together to hopefully have some hard conversations and changes on the horizon. There is no stigma - Only love.

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